Christ Chapel Church

A Small Country Church With a BIG Heart


We believe there is but one living and true God, everlasting, infinite in power, wisdom and goodness.  In unity of this Godhead, there are three persons, of one substance, power and eternity – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

We believe that Jesus Christ was begotten by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, and He is both true God and true Man.

We believe that man was created in the image of God; that he sinned, fell from that image, and thereby incurred not only physical death, but also that spiritual death which is separation from God; and that all human beings are born with a sinful nature and manifest themselves as sinners in thought, word and deed.

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures as a representative and substitutionary sacrifice, and that all who believe in Him are justified on the basis of His Precious blood shed on the cross.

We believe in the bodily resurrection of all people, those who received Jesus Christ as Lord unto the resurrection of Life, and those who have rejected Him unto the resurrection of damnation.

We believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ, the personal return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We believe in the Holy Scriptures as contained in the Old and New Testaments as verbally inspired by God and that they contain all things necessary to salvation; that they are the supreme and final authority by which all human opinions, creeds or conduct shall be tried and judged.

We believe in the ordinance of baptism as a command from our Lord Jesus Christ for all believers to obey.  We view the manner of baptism to be symbolic of our identification with Him through His death, burial and resurrection (Romans 6:4), therefore the manner of Baptism shall be by immersion.

We believe the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper is the symbol expressing our sharing the divine nature of our Lord Jesus Christ; a memorial of His suffering and death; and a prophecy of His second coming.  Participation shall be open to and enjoined on all believers. 

We believe in the privilege of parents to present their infant children at a simple appropriate ceremony for dedication to the Lord.  That ceremony does not save the child; it does not relieve the child of making a personal commitment to Christ at the age of accountability, but rather is a commitment of the parents to raising the child in the ways of the Lord.

We believe that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is the indwelling of the Spirit of God which takes place immediately upon salvation.  The Baptism, or infilling of the Holy Spirit, anoints the Christian with power to witness and supernatural strength to live the crucified life.  We believe that all spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit should be operating and working in the church today as they did in the early church.  Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

We believe sanctification is the act of God which sets us apart from worldly activities in order to be dedicated solely for His purpose.  Our salvation removes the guilt of sin, our sanctification protects us from the power of sin and eventually the presence of sin.

We believe in world evangelization and Missionary work in accordance with the Great Commission as described in Matthew 28:18-20

We believe that marriage is strictly between a man and a woman as taught in GOD's Word staring in Genesis 1:27-28, and further supported by Scripture in Genesis 2:24 and 1 Corinthians 7:1-5.

Marriage Policy:  We agree that the following expresses our fundamental Biblical conviction that Christian marriage is, by definition, the spiritual and physical uniting of one man and one woman in an exclusive covenant commitment for their joint lifetime.  Christian marriage is God’s unique plan to reveal the union between Jesus Christ and the Church.  As such, this local church, Christ Chapel, believes that wedding ceremonies on church property are spiritual observances of worship of God who created this divine institution.  As worship services, weddings on church property shall be officiated by one or more ordained ministers of the gospel.  The church may decline to make its facilities or ministers available for any wedding if it is determined that one or both parties are not biblically qualified to marry. Such determinations may be made by the (pastor, the church council, governing board, the wedding committee or etc.) subject to the direction of the church.  No minister of Christ Chapel shall officiate at any marriage ceremony unless such marriage is consistent with this policy.

Adopted by the voting members of Christ Chapel, Polo, Missouri Date: April 19, 2015

Gender Identity Policy: We affirm, believe, and know to be true (as taught to us in GOD’s Word- the Holy Bible) that GOD exclusively created only two biological genders- male/XY chromosomes and female/XX chromosomes. GOD’s Word, nature, and man-made science supports and confirms this for us.

Gender identity is determined by GOD Himself (as manifested, displayed, and demonstrated in our GOD created biological sexual human reproductive organs) and not by mans thoughts, feelings, beliefs, opinions, and emotions, nor by societal standards and norms. Since GOD exclusively created only two sexual human reproductive organs, and gender is determined by our GOD given sexual human reproductive organs, then that logically, rationally, and reasonably means/dictates that there are only two sexual human genders- male and female.

Furthermore, every human being who has been born, is currently being born, and will be born cannot come into being/existence and be born without a sexual interaction taken place and occurring exclusively between a biological father (man/male/XY chromosomes) and a biological mother (woman/female/XX chromosomes). As it is scientifically and biologically impossible for a human being to come into being/existence and be born in any other manner and/or fashion void of these two sexual human reproductive organs.

Scripture support verses- Genesis 1:26-28, 2:21-25; Mark 10:6-9.

We support, confirm, and have signed the- Danvers Statement.

 Adopted by the voting members of Christ Chapel, Polo, Missouri Date: August 11, 2019